APS VISUALjobControl

Analyze JCL and scripts

APS VISUALjobControl is the most up-to-date, easy-to-use, fastest way to view, analyze and report on JCL.

It was designed to help Workload Automation professionals and Application Developers analyze JCL and can be used daily to reference and report on production JCL.

APS VISUALjobControl provides intelligent JCL analysis and cross reference capabilities via a modern, easy to use and powerful Windows user interface. Scripts automating the distributed world can also be centrally browsed and analyzed within APS VISUALjobControl.

All research can be performed on the familiar Windows PC platform in a fast, flexible and intuitive way, eliminating the need for a user to open an ISPF mainframe session.


Tabbed browsing and analysis of JCL

Specific JCLs, PROCs or Includes matching a user defined filter can easily be identified and browsed within the APS VISUALjobControl user interface.

Innovative features like:

  • Tabbed browsing of multiple JCL,
  • Intelligent color coding,
  • The ability to set bookmarks,
  • Collapse and expand logical steps within the JCL, plus
  • The flexibility to split the viewer into segments

assist the user in analyzing even complex JCLs quickly and accurately.

Tabbed browsing of scripts and documentation

Open system scripts and other text documents can also be imported and viewed via the APS VISUALjobControl user interface.

With this, APS VISUALjobControl becomes the central hub of information about all JCL and script related information.

JCL Cross Referencing

The included standard reports about the usage of Programs (PGM), Procedures (PROCs) and Data Set Names (DSN) provide ready access to this valuable information and quick answers to most day-to-day reporting needs.

For more sophisticated and advanced Cross Reference requirements, an easy to use query builder is included, eliminating the need to learn or to use SQL syntax to create complex queries. The results of standard (built-in) reports or individual (customized) reports are immediately available to view in the ResultsView window.

Unlike traditional JCL cross reference tools, the results presented can be further filtered, sorted and even grouped via a few simple mouse clicks or via drag and drop with ease. Generated reports can also be exported into a Microsoft Excel-format.

Easy Implementation

APS VISUALjobControl can be installed and maintained on a central Windows Server accessing a Microsoft SQL Server database. Utilizing this central installation via Windows clients could not be easier, since no installation is required on the Windows clients.

Through the intuitive and highly customizable user interface, new users will immediately become familiar with APS VISUALjobControl and this will result in a better user experience and daily productivity gains.

Licensing options

APS VISUALjobControl is part of the VISUALjob for TWS and
VISUALjob for Control-M licenses and can also be licensed stand-alone.

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