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Monitoring, Analytics and Reporting for Business Users

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aps advisor for Automic is an automation monitoring solution designed for 
Business Users, IT Managers and IT Experts who automate their business processes using the Automic Workload Automation solution.

aps advisor for Automic uniquely transforms important technical Workload Automation data into meaningful, easy to understand and business relevant information.

“Automation drives your Business

and Business Users need to be up-to-date.”


aps advisor allows monitoring of Automic Systems from a Business Service Delivery perspective. Business Users, IT Managers and IT Experts can gain an immediate understanding of the status and the details of processes 
automated with Automic. No detailed knowledge about Automic and the Automic user interfaces are required. Important Information about Automic 
Workflows and their Sub-Workflows are 
aggregated into easy to understand status 
information and graphical overviews.

Benefits of the Self-Service approach

The benefits are obvious: Business Users, IT Managers and IT Experts can quickly and easily gain up to date information about mission critical Business Services automated via 
Automic. This self-service approach via the intuitive web interface improves the agility of information service delivery and reduces costs.

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apsadvisor for Automic Features

Status of a single Business Process at a glance

APS_Advisor_BSM_DefaultServiceThe status of an individual Business Process delivery can easily be identified through the graphical representation in the aps advisor Workflow 
Monitoring dashboard. 
If an Automic Workflow – which may contain Sub-Workflows has started late or the 
predicted end time is after the expected end time, orange indicators flag the 
expected or real delay. When a Business 
Process is running on time, no orange color indicators are visible and the remaining service 
execution is represented by a grey 
progression bar.


Business Process Details and Flowchart

aps_advisor_for_automic_long_duration_flaggingIf authorized, the user can also see the 
status of all jobs which are part of a 
Business Process and review a color coded graphical flowchart representation of the Business Process delivery. If associated 
Automic Workflows include Sub-Workflows, aps advisor provides an integrated and 
consolidated view of all jobs of all 
related Workflows and Sub-Workflows in one easy to understand flowchart.


Grouping of related Business Processes

APS_Advisor_for_Automic-Workflow_monitor_groupedIndividual Business Processes can be grouped together. The users can then decide if they want to follow the Business Process delivery status on an individual Business Process level or on an aggregated Group level. Thus aps advisor for Automic allows the users can gain a better overview and can drill into the Business Processes and Business Process details whenever needed.


Review short term history

APS_Advisor_for_Automic-Workflow_monitor_dashboardIn many cases, users would like to see the last execution of a Business Process. The aps advisor for Automic folder Last Started Workflows provides a quick overview of 
previous Business Process executions. 
Different viewing formats are available, including an overview in a dashboard type style. 

Long term history – without negatively impacting Automic

APS_Advisor_for_Automic-HistoryPast Business Service Executions can be queried via the aps advisor Workflow History folder. If authorized, full job status and flowchart information about the historic Business Process is available for review. Since aps advisor for Automic collects status information in its own SQL Server database (outside from Automic), there is no negative impact on the performance of the Automic automation engine.


SLA Analytics

APS_Advisor_SLA_StartEndGraph_2.5_smallBusiness Users can review the status of their most important Business Services and see if business-critical SLAs are met. Via the integrated reporting facility, users can request the generation of SLA Reports, which will be delivered automatically to their email-inbox on a regular basis. Labor intensive reporting can be replaced with easy-to-use, agile and reliable self-service reporting.


Always up to date

APS_Advisor_for_Automic-iPhone_handWith aps advisor for Automic, Business Users are always up to date. There is no need to be an Automic subject matter expert. The current status of the automated business processes and past process executions are easily accessible. Via your browser and even via mobile devices.




“aps advisor is an automation monitoring solution for Automic

designed for Business Users, IT Managers and IT Experts.

aps advisor uniquely transforms important technical Automation data

into meaningful, easy to understand and business relevant information.”

More information, including detailed presentations and recorded webcasts, are available from the download area; get access.

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